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Car rental prices change frequently. Between your booking is made and until your travel start there might be a dozen of price changes. We monitor the price changes automatically and reduce the price of your next trip, even after you've made a booking.

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How Does It Work?

Book your car rental

Book the car rental you like from your prefered broker, as you always do

Send us your booking confirmation

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Our magic

We process your booking and find a better deal

Price cut

We send you our discounted offer, you book and save money

Bye bye Comparing Prices

Think you found the best price? Forget about comparing prices, just order the car you want from the agency you prefer and we will make sure you pay as less as possible.


Forward us your rental voucher and we will be sure to send you a cheaper offer


Frequently asked questions

Is our service free of charge?

Yes, our service is completely free, no small letters, no surprises, no strings attached and no obligation on your part.

Do I need to provide billing information in advance?

No, you do not need credit information to get the service. You have no obligation to order our discounted offer. You can only use our Alerts service and re-order as soon as we alert you of a price drop.

So how do you profit from my car rental?

When you order our discounted offer, we get an agent commission from the car rental provider, just like any tourist agent.

How do you offer cheaper prices than others?

First - as suppliers we get lower prices than the prices shown to customers and therefore can offer lower prices. Secondly - just like the prices of flights and hotels, car rental prices vary frequently. We monitor the prices over time with different suppliers and once there is a drop in price we recognize it and send you a discounted offer.

Who supplies me with the vehicle?

In most cases, the vehicle will be supplied by the same agency you ordered with, we work with the world's largest car rental brokers and local car dealerships to make better offers. Usually our offers are delivered through the world's largest broker - - through which we get lower prices for all car rental agencies around the world.

So what do you actually do?

We provide a service of searching and monitoring a preferred quote for the rental contract you sent us. Car rental prices can vary several times a day and we can recognize when this happens. As soon as this happens, we send you an email with the details of the price change and if you approve the offer, we will re-order your order and cancel the old order without you doing anything.

How is the billing done?

If you choose to accept our discounted offer, we will re-order your order directly to the supplier. On your credit card billing statement, you'll see a carrier billing only and never a charge.

How much money am I expected to save?

The expected savings vary greatly depending on the nature of the transaction you have made, the length of the rental, the type of vehicle, the insurance costs and the related services. It is usually hundreds of shekels for an average rent. We may not be able to offer better than your current offer immediately - in this case, we'll continue to scan for discounted offers until your scheduled travel date and let you know as soon as the price drops.

Can I use the service for each destination?

Yes, provided our suppliers allow it.

For which vehicles can you use the service?

We can improve the price of renting private cars of all sizes and commercial vehicles / Vans.

Can I cancel the vehicle reservation I ordered through you?

All of our offers include free cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the car rental. You can do so by clicking the Confirm Order button or through our customer service.

Who can use the service?

Any driver with a seniority of at least one year, with an international credit card in his name, from the age of 21 at the beginning of the rental until the age of 75 on the last day of the car rental.

I sent you an email half an hour ago, how soon will I get a quote from you?

We respond within an hour. Even if we can not find a better offer, we'll let you know. In any case, we will continue to look for better offers until the date of renting the car.

My car order starts tomorrow, can I still get a better price?

Yes, usually canceling a day before renting a car is a fine, although we may be able to offer a cheaper price, including the cost of the fine.

My current car rental does not include a free cancellation, can I still use the service?

Yes, when you send us your existing transaction approval, we take into account the cancellation costs of your existing order and offer you an offer only if it is cheaper, including the cost of canceling the transaction.

Is it possible to order for another person?

Yes. Our service is a re-order service on preferred terms. The reservation will be made for the driver (s) listed in the current car rental agreement you have sent us and by credit card bearing the details of the driver. You must obtain his consent to order a rented car abroad on his behalf, and you can not rent a car abroad with a credit card that does not belong to the driver.

I have heard that you are the cheapest, can you order a car rental in the first place through you?

Yes, you can contact us by e-mail, on Whattsap, by phone and on Facebook - all shown at the bottom of the page.

What orders can I send to you?

You can send us suggestions from Israeli and international travel agents, car rental companies from Israel and car rental brokers. In short we will know how to deal with any proposal, as long as it is written in Hebrew or English.

Will you always offer the same offer under preferred terms?

Usually we will offer the same proposal - a vehicle from the same group, from the same car rental agency, under the same conditions or better and at a cheaper price. Sometimes we will also propose an alternative proposal - a vehicle from the same or similar group, from another agency in the same location. We will always make sure to emphasize the differences, in Hebrew and without small letters.

My offer sounds too good and cheap, can I rely on the service?

Yes. Most of our orders are made through the world's largest car booking broker - (belonging to the same group of companies) and is considered a reliable broker of the first order. Car rental providers vary from country to country, some international, such as Avis, Sixt and Budget, and some are local to the country. For any rental company you can find reviews and opinions online. .

Why should i order from you?

Our service includes a automatic reduction mechanism. Our bid is actually the maximum price per transaction. In many of the reservations there is a price drop between the date of the reservation and the date of actual travel. We recognize the drop in the price and re-order for you at the discounted price. There is no other service in the world that reduces the price of a transaction that has already been closed!

I had a car accident / I was involved in an accident or I got a service / vehicle that does not match my order, what do I do?

When you receive your car at the car rental agency's overseas office, you will receive all contact details for your local agency, road services and local emergency services, and should contact them directly in the event of a malfunction or an emergency If there is a discrepancy between the vehicle reservation provided to you, In any other case, and although we do not have any part in providing the service, please contact us and we will try to provide you with advice, guidance and intelligence to the best of our ability.

Can I talk to you on the phone?

Yes, customers who have made a purchase of our discounted offer will receive a support phone number until the rental is completed. If you have a question that has not been answered here, you can contact us at

Since when your service exist?

We're just getting started! Our service is available from the beginning of July 2018 to the general public. We constantly learn and make adjustments to improve. For example, if in the past we were only available by email, today we are available on other channels: phone, Facebook and Messenger. We are constantly working to expand our collaboration to provide cheaper and better alternatives.

Where can I follow you and get updates?

You can follow us on our Facebook page. We will be happy if you join us on Facebook and share our service with friends.

Do you have an exclusive agreement with

No, we supply vehicles through their business partner program.

Are you a travel agency?

In terms of definition, we are a travel agency because we deal with car rental transactions abroad, and in practice we have one goal - to try and lower the final price of renting your car during your upcoming trip. Our service is designed to lower a transaction you have already made, through any supplier, including an order made through us, even when the price is reduced and it means that we will earn less commission from the transaction, and we believe that the savings we will provide you and our good service will make you share our wonderful service with friends.

Okay, I'm convinced! How do I try you?

Forward the confirmation email of your current car rental to us


as simple as that!